Special Post I: An Introduction to Headphones

Since I’ve been a bit into headphones this year, I’ve decided to make this post about their introduction my first “special post” on this site! After this, perhaps I’ll take a small hiatus on this site while translating it into a Vietnamese version…

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Audio-Technica CKR3iS Review

The ATH-CKR3iS is the cheapest one in the popular Japanese headphones brand Audio Technica’s new CKR line, and my friend just happens to have one. It’s fairly cheap, at only around $25 in the U.S (though the price in my area is a LOT higher). Let’s see how it sounds…

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Kingston HyperX Cloud II Review

In my first review on this site, I’ll review my friend’s recently bought Kingston HyperX Cloud II. It’s known to be one of the most bang-for-buck gaming headsets I can get, and, even though I myself am not too keen on gaming headsets, as I’m more of a music lover, I’m still quite interested in seeing how the Cloud II works.

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